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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  December 8, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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rain and melting snow that could lead some low-lying areas overnight. if you -- that could flood some low-lying areas overnight. another weather system is expected to come in later in the week. >> you can follow the forecast at our website using the interactive reidar to pinpoint whether right down to your street. it is right there at on the homepage. >> every parent's fourth-worst nightmare, the case of a krasting girl that was lured off of dollars every parent's worst nightmare, the case of a croft and girl that was lured off a playground and rates last spring. >> 17-year-old david redusky pled guilty to first-degree rape and is being held in protective custody until sentencing. >> clearly, this epitomizes
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every parent's worst nightmare, every caretaker's worse nightmare. >> reaction from the prosecutor after securing a guilty verdict in the rate of a 7-year-old croft and girl in march. 17-year-old david redusky pled guilty today. his father left without comment. >> it was definitely in the best interest of the defendant to enter a guilty plea today. >> as part of the plea agreement, prosecutors will drop more than one dozen other charges against him, including kidnapping. sentencing is set for padraig. he could get life in prison. he is going to rs -- sentencing is set for february. he could get life in prison he is going to ask for leniency to support the guilty plea, details of the state's case were read
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into the record. details so graphic, the victim's family got up and left the courtroom at one point. prosecutors sandra powell told the judge heard -- told the judge the victim and her 6-year- old brother were in this playground when the boy had to use the bathroom. in the two minutes that he was gone, but the boy -- the 17- year-old lourdes her injuries, and sexually abused her -- the 17 year-old boy lord her into his home and sexually abused her. the victim here may just be seven years old, but prosecutors say because she was so smart and so brave they were able to quickly solve this case. aha >> baltimore county police have released new details hoping
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to find a missing woman 23-year- old arturo foster has not been seen in nearly two weeks. -- jarelle foster has not been seen in nearly two weeks. police are working to find our if there's any sort of link between the missing loveseat and her disappearance. if you have information, you are asked to call baltimore county police. >> the state of maryland is expanding its distribution of the h1n1 vaccine to the general population. healthy adults and seniors have now been added to the five target groups. john sherman jat -- it joins us live from the fair grounds. >> a vaccination clinic has been open since about noon today. it is free and open to anyone in the crowd. it has been pretty light throughout the day.
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it will be open until 8:00 p.m. it was a steady, but reasonable crowd at the fair grounds today, mostly concerned parents like john. >> we have three out of four and we are concerned with a newborn. the wife and i have been talking and it is fine. >> for the miller family, this was installment no. 2, the final step in the h1n1 vaccination. >> i wanted to be sure the boys had the second flew missed vaccination to be sure they are protected. -- the second flu mist vaccination >> this is the day state health officials have been working for, neh living anywhere, anyone can get it. -- any age, living anywhere, anyone can get it.
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>> we have been waiting for this vaccine supply for a long time. >> we can open it up to the general population. therefore, come one, come all. >> you are looking live at the front entrance to the fair grounds here. this vaccination clinic, as you can see, hardly anyone standing in line. it is open till 8:00 p.m. tonight. you do not have to live in baltimore county. anyone can come down here and get an h1n1 vaccination. >> thank you. there is continuing coverage of the h1n1 flu virus at our website you will find the latest on the flow from federal health officials. again, that is click on h1n1 under "hot topics." >> the anne city council has not
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decided -- the anne arundel city council has not decided on a location yet. the plan they're deciding on calls for a 4700 slot machine near anne arundel mills mall. a tiered approach program oratories and gift cards are given to needy children and families, the program no longer fits the goals of the city's community action center. but apparently mayor dixon was in the dark regarding that change. >> last year, i was a great time where we took care of folks. i am not aware of this. >> [unintelligible] >> the mayor did acknowledge the
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holley trolley tour could have a negative stigma attachment to it. the mayor was on trial in part for allegedly taking gift cards from that program. but the jury could not reach a verdict on that charge. >> and now to the war in afghanistan, the u.s. commanding general in afghanistan told lawmakers that president obama has sent him enough forces to be taliban. but he also said we cannot defeat al qaeda until we get osama bin laden. >> he is a four-star general who president obama is counting on in afghanistan. >> i believe we will be successful. >> general stanley mcchrystal sent a can-do message even though he got 30,000 troops in said of the 35,000 that he wanted. >> it provides me with the resources that we need. >> he sent the same message at a
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senate hearing. >> the most important thing we will have done by 2011 is convinced the majority of the afghan people that, in fact, we are going to win, we and the afghan government. >> in kabul today, defense secretary gates reminded afghan president karzai that the start of a u.s. pullout is july 2011. >> our troops are rocket -- are here only as long as it takes to help you defeat urinary -- your enemy. we will fight by your side until you are strong enough to secure the nation on your own. >> does finding osama bin laden matter? the general said it does because he is an icon whose -- who emboldens terrorism. >> i do not think we can finally defeat al qaeda until week -- until he is captured. >> taking on the taliban will
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mean more u.s. casualties than ever. in the ninth year of the war. >> and we are not winning now in afghanistan. we're losing, that is general mcchrystal's assessment. >> the baltimore ravens just could not pull out the victory last night. they lost to the packers, 27-14. it jerry sandusky is in the wings mills tonight with more. >> they have the national stage, the perfect scene the track -- backdrop, lambeau field, the first monday night game ever played at lambeau field in december. and playoff motivation, and all of it could not prevent the raven's from finding themselves in a colossal whole. they finally got hot in the third quarter. joe floccose turning it over into a touchdown. kalle washington slipping in and
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they kept the lead to 10 points. the defense forced another turnover that the rick -- that the ratings cashed in 30 seconds later. but then trailing by 10 in the fourth quarter, following green bay's third touchdown pass camacho flak go with a red sun blunder, -- following green bay's third touchdown pass, joe flaco blunder it in the end zone. >> i think it was a stupid decision and even worse for the second down. you do not really need to make a play there. give yourself a one scored game. like i said, i think it was a stupid decision at these -- at the time. >> the loss to the packers leaves the ravens and an even six-six and a simple story line
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for the rest of the season. with four games left, they have to win them off if -- win them all if they have any shot at making the playoffs. even if they do, they may not make it to january. one more loss could get them out. >> up next, a librarian's language over in our lesson has some parents fuming tonight. -- over an art lesson has some parents fuming tonight. cracks and some want to know -- >> and someone to do with the epa is doing about this. >> the new facility for homeless youth in baltimore. that story, coming up. >> lower prices on a number of toys. >> coming up, a local toy expert finds quality toys for $20
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>> and aboriginal pavillion is being constructed for the 2010 olympics. it also includes a 65 foot translucent dome that will be added just days before the days -- before the games cabegin.
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there's a special section at of athlete photos and profiles. just click on "sports." >> in tonight's medical alert, one in five water systems in the u.s. haskin -- has distributed contaminated drink water. that is according to the "the new york times" and now the epa is looking at what it takes to provide safe water. >> we all know it is bad to have proved in our drinking water. >> or gasoline, copper, lead, arsenic, radioactive material, even rocket fuel. >> the chemical concentrations in some places is so high that you can literally like the water on fire. >> the epa tells congress 96% of the problem is in small communities and the agency needs more money to help them.
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but what is b.t.a. doing now? the "new york times" reports that -- but what is the epa to win out? the "new york times" reports that they need a crackdown. schools are the concern. the associated press reports that one in five have violated standards in their own water supply. lawmakers say the epa's new plan must be more than once -- words on paper. >> they expect you to take action to protect our kids and our families and anything less than that, we will consider a stall. we expect action. >> the "the new york times" estimates nearly 50 million americans have consumed and safe water in the past five years. -- unsafe water in the past five years. >> women with breast cancer may
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be able to lower their risk for recurrence of the disease is -- if they eat soy foods. researchers studied the medical records of 5000 chinese women diagnosed with breast cancer and followed them for four years. those patients who ate the most soy had a 32% lower risk of recurrence and death. chinese dites typically contain more sorry than that of americans. -- chinese diets typically contain more soy that americans. a new study shows pretty pure oxygen can quickly and effectively alleviate intense pain from cluster headaches. researchers at the university of california at san francisco found there's a clear difference between oxygen and heir in treatment. 20% of the attacks were used with -- were improved with just
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air and 70% were improved with oxygen. >> now the forecast with tom tasselmyer. >> the almanac for so far today shows big zeros in the precipitation problem, that is about to change. we will have rein in our region tonight. it is likely to get heavy as we had to tomorrow morning. four degrees below the normal of 48 at b.w.i. marshall. and we have 46 this morning at the airport. temperatures are not likely to go back down to the freezing point. upper midwest, while some decent rain approaches our region from the south and west. over at millington, 40 degrees, elkton also at 40 degrees. the winter weather problems could develop overnight tonight in the area around prosper and
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mchenry. especially in allegheny county. the cold, dense air in the lower valleys lodges in the bottom of the valley and cannot get cowart out. you could be hovering near freezing in the valleys are here and get above freezing on the ridge top. if you're driving west, beyond the look out for some pride -- icy patches. tomorrow morning, strong wind advisories for the western maryland mountains. east of the mountains, a flood threat. we're under a flood watch. snell left over from the weekend and potentially heavy rain -- snow left over from the weekend and potentially heavy rain could cause problems tomorrow morning 32 to 37 for the overnight low. actually, the evening low. these problems will probably be reached by 1:00 in the morning. and then the sun -- the temperatures will be rising by dawn.
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it looks like a chilly rain for the baltimore area. pressure developing across the mississippi river dolly -- valley and it will bring all of that pressure up. it will produce heavy snow in the upper midwest and northern great lakes. moderate to heavy rain for their early part of the morning rush- hour. as we get deeper into the rush hour, the rain will begin to taper off and by afternoon, the skies were clear about it. sunshine behind this storm, which will warm the temperature in to the 50's tomorrow before a shot of cold air comes sweeping in on thursday and friday. a mild december day tomorrow with rain in the morning, tapering off in the afternoon and a bit of clearing, 52 to 57 with southwest wind 8 to 15. n.f.c. mixture of sleet and
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freezing rain -- a massi mixture of sleet and freezing rain before that for the valley. a thunderstorm could be coming up the lower eastern shore as we get almost 260 and winds gusting to 45 miles per hour. the athlete -- as we get almost 26 to 60 and winds gusting to 45 miles per hour. the possibility of snow moving in saturday evening and sunday morning. >> more problems for tiger woods. now his mother-in-law is rushed from his home and taken to the hospital. >> you do not have to spend a lot of money to put a smile on a small child's face. >> a tour expert is going to show us some of her best picks, all of them under $20. >> it is called restoration gardens. i will tell you what it is coming out. >
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>> it is estimated there are from anywhere -- there are
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anywhere from 400 to 500 homeless youths in baltimore. >> it is called restoration gardens. it is a 43 unit housing facility for homeless useused in baltimoe city. >> people are sending out under the plight because they do not necessarily have a place to be. this helps them to become independent enough to take care of themselves. >> part of the building will be reaped -- demolished and rebuilt as part of restoration gardens. for people in this community, this is a welcome addition to the community. >> this will enable them to have a foundation now and then with community groups support and all that is going on, i think it will be able to be successful in whatever endeavored they want to go into. >> curtis was a homeless teeth
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-- teenager and knows how hard is to live on the streets. >> you did not know where your groin tuesday -- you were going to stay at night or what you were going to eat. it is very difficult. >> 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. [cheers] >> natalie will there be housing at the facility, but supportive -- not only will there be housing of the facility, but supportive services for the youths. >> it will give them good growth jobs, help them with their education, completing it, and the other services they need to reconnect to make good, healthy neighborhood. >> this facility will be finished and open in about a year. >> barack obama lays out his plan to jump-start the troubling u.s. economy. >> and also, a librarian's bus
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and went way too far. why some parents are not happy with the language their kids have learned. >> a jury renders its verdict in the case of darryl white. >> paramedics called to tiger woods' house a
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>> jurors returned guilty verdicts on two counts in connection with ia police involved shooting triggered -- involved shooting. darryl white was on trial for murder, but that is not what the jurors found him guilty of.
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>> today, they rendered their verdict >> i knew they were going to find him innocent because he did not commit these crimes that they said he committed. i am proud to be a baltimore citizen. >> for the family of darryl white there was relief, although he was convicted of transporting a handgun -- the jury found him not guilty of assault, reckless endangerment. >> he did not have a gun and none of them got killed. my family got killed. >> white claimed he never touched the two guns found after the shooting. it happened early in the morning on july 4. police were handling crowd control. his friends, he claims, fired
5:30 pm
their guns as part of the celebration. it got into a white ford after that. three police officers claimed they got -- they were the targets. and that when they tried to pull the car over they were shot at again. officers returned fire, killing the other two suspects. >> the jury saw right through it. there were no prints on the gun to my new gunshot residue on him. i think he has been exonerated and the jury has seen through this. >> darryl white could get after 12 years in prison for the weapons charges he was in possesses -- in possession of on july 4. his family has already filed a lawsuit against the police
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department and officers. >> a 17-year-old crofton boy has pleaded guilty to a -- to raping a 7-year-old girl he lured away from a playground to his home. he is asking for mitigated sentence, claiming that he has a developmental disorder. he could be facing life in prison. and to the beating of an elderly black fisherman -- of the sentencing for the suspects accused in the beating of an elderly black fishermen has been delayed. it proclaimed white supremacists is also charged in the beating. and the highway administration is getting ready for the wet weather. officials say they're ready to double the 24 r traffic operations center as an emergency operation center as well.
5:32 pm
they say that saw trucks are ready. there were minding drivers to leave plenty of extra time to get ready need to be in the morning. >> the scandal surrounding tiger woods has a brand-new chapter after his mother-in-law was rushed to the hospital early this morning. that is the second time paramedics have been called to that house in less than two weeks. >> tiger woods swedish mother- in-law was wheeled into a hospital early this morning. >> she was admitted to hospital with stomach pain. >> the stretcher was caught by the cameras that now track any movement surrounding the golf superstar turned tabloid poster boy. this comes 11 days after which himself was brought to the same hospital following his day after thanksgiving car crash. rescue crews were once again call to his mansion just after 2 duryea and
5:33 pm
>> -- to 30 a.m. >> she has been released from the hospital and is in good condition and is at tiger wood'' home resting, and recovering nicely. >> it is the latest twist in a scandal that has taken the world's most storied golfer into a tree and away from tabloid headlines. at least seven women have now come forward claiming affairs with him. and while his wife is believed to have arrived in this black escalator around the same time as her mother's ambulance, there has been no sign of tiger. >> can you tell us if tiger woods has been year? >> i cannot comment to that. >> for now, avoiding the cameras, even if he cannot escape this grenade. >> nbc news has now learned that -- escape the scrutiny. >> nbc now has learned that tiger woods' wife and her sister have purchased a property in
5:34 pm
sweden. that deal closed last week. >> what is your impact strategy? what you need to know to get the most out of your refund >> and the offers that police take a suspect into custody. details as recover the nation. >> and the h1n1 vaccine available for free to anyone how you can get vaccinated tonight. >> a dunnigan -- donation drive
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>> a wisconsin man accused of killing an off-duty police officer and her boyfriend had to be subdued by a stand again today. 24-year-old andrew woods stood up during the proceedings, shouted profanities, and then attempted to lunge toward the gallery of spectators. the officer grabbed him and subdued him. he may face more charges. >> parents in a school district are upset at their parents -- after their children were exposed to over language by a librarian. school officials say students
5:38 pm
were exposed to it more than a dozen curse words. they claim that some were written on the board while the teacher yelled them and ask the children to yell them back. >> i thought it had to be exaggerated, but after talking to the parents whose children were in the class is on monday, it is quite apparent that it was an actual occurrence. >> school official says it was part of a language arts curriculum, but admits that the way it was carried out is inappropriate. >> revealing his condition to kelly today while filling in on regis and kelly. he says that and malignant tumor and part of his blond were removed two months ago -- part of his long were removed two months ago. the explained it while saying that he could not dance with her during a segment of the show. companies have responded in
5:39 pm
large measure to the difficult economic times. >> you do not have to break the bank this holiday season she is showing us some great choice for under $20. >> doppler shows some heavy rain on the way for the baltimore area. is out over the western mountains. right now in baltimore, 41 degrees. 43 at b.w.i. marshall. 43 at b.w.i. marshall.
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in lumber. in rubber. in bellies. and precious metals. it's time to put everything you have into your 10k. your 5k. and even your 1k. and, of course, you can never go wrong with futures. kaiser permanente. thrive. >> here is what we're looked -- working on for 6:00 p.m. the teenager faces a judge today on charges of raping a 7-year- old girl. we're live with how the teenager platt. and how does baltimore rate when it comes to math scores?
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>> president, outlined a plan to reinvigorate the economy and create new jobs. -- president obama outlined a plan to reinvigorate the economy
5:43 pm
and create new jobs. >> hoping to stave off the nation's growing unemployment, president barack obama announced new proposals to stimulate the economy and create new jobs. he emphasized fiscal responsibility, but also says investing in america's infrastructure, extending unemployment benefits and creating small business and consumer incentives will be key. >> even as we have had to spend our way out of the recession in the near term about we have begun to make the hard choices necessary to get our country on a more stable fiscal footing in the long run. >> for small business owners, the president's plan includes tax cuts and incentives aimed at boosting incentives and hiring workers. but republicans say his free- spending proposal will hurt more than help. >> you just cannot spend money that we do not have and keep doing it. there are consequences to these actions. >> the national unemployment rate stands at 10%, even though
5:44 pm
the number of layoffs has started to slow. the president and analysts say more is needed to grow jobs. >> we are starting to reach the bottom in the economy on the labour market. we have to -- we have leaped from stopping firing to -- we still have to leap from stopping firing to actually hiring. >> jerry has been visiting this job center every month for the past year. >> you have to never give up. >> the president proposed using the windfall, $200 billion from the t.a.r.p. bank bailout. >> the president's proposal includes the biggest investment in america's roads, bridges, and aviation and water projects. -- projects since the creation of the american highway system 50 years ago. >> the big storm moving into the
5:45 pm
eastern half of the country. it will produce blizzard conditions in the midwest, a lot of rain in our region. and between, an icy mixture as you head into the higher elevations of the appalachians. look at that snow coming down into the eastern area of iowa. they will get plowed under with a foot or more of snow out that way. the higher elevations to our west, you see some of pink and white mixed in, that is where some wet snow and freezing rain will makes in. it appears to be in the western maryland mountains. 38 of to parkton. that is the area that we want to watch. the northern sections of baltimore county are typically a lot colder than here in baltimore. might want to use a bit of caution up near the pennsylvania border. for most areas, most areas will
5:46 pm
bottom out around freezing and then temperatures will rise through the rest of the night. west of the mountains and in the valleys were the colder air gets trapped, advisory's are there. if you're traveling west tomorrow morning, watch for icy patches that great. then the winds are quite to kick in. a wind advisory out in garrett county. strong northwest winds behind the storm will develop tomorrow. we will melt the last of the weekend snow, and bring in another inch or two of the rain, that means some that low it law -- some flooding in low-lying areas may occur. for most areas, just a chilly rain. it is all because of this storm that is coming out of the rockies and starting to redevelop in that southern mississippi river valley. these are current temperatures, single digits. rapid city of two bismark, a 11
5:47 pm
below zero in the great falls montana. -- rapid city of to bismark. 11 below zero in great falls, montana. these purple dots that you see here in iowa, that gets in the 1220 in its range. -- the 12 to 18 inch range. a bit of sleet and snow in the western part of the mountains, but mostly an icy threat over parts of western maryland. then this storm leads us and we should seize guys trying to clear as the winds shift to the southwest. tomorrow will be mined, -- mild, but then the cold air sweeps in for thursday and friday. if you like the warm weather in december, not everybody does. this is a lot of the time of year when people root for snow. it will be warm to mawr, with winds out of the bay -- it will
5:48 pm
be warm tomorrow, with the wind out of date testing up to 15 miles per hour. a chance for rain tomorrow morning and then clearing and 54. when the conditions bring the cold air back thursday and friday -- the windy conditions bring the cold air back thursday and friday another chance for us know by next tuesday. >> many are pinching pennies this holiday season and we all want to please. we have some expert help to choose some help -- to choose some quality toys for $20 and under. >> it is that time of year when kids are making the list and parents are checking it twice. everybody wants to please, but not break the bank. >> you do not have to spend a lot of money to put a smile on a child's face. >> cleare green is the president of the to ammonium based jerrick
5:49 pm
-- parents towards foundation. the rate toys based on quality, appeal to kids, long-term play value, and educational value, among other things. she says toys that were more expensive last year. -- last year have come down in price. >> the toward makers have responded to the difficult economic times. they have lowered prices on a number of toys, brought out toys in a certain price line, most of them under $25, under $30. >> went shopping together to find toys that are good for kids and good for the parent's wallet. one of them were these crayons. >> it comes with two double sided plane that's that the kids keller. it comes with two -- play mats that the kids color. it comes with two back stories. >> for the littlest kids,
5:50 pm
classic stacking rings. $5.99. >> and do not overlook the classics like a matchbox cars, and games i played as a child like shoots and matters. -- like a chutes and ladders. >> they have new characters were new faces and new animals. >> if you do not want to endorse those, you can stick to character neutral. >> the zsa zsa -- the dolls have all the bells and whistles, but -- >> if you're looking for a doll for your child, make sure it matches the value of your family and your home. you want to show age appropriate dress, outfit, demeanor, gratifying -- try to find a neutral zone. just because the game is not new on the shelf this year does not mean it is not new to whathe chd
5:51 pm
on your list. >> we also found finger puppets at $7.99, and a bucket of wild animals at $10. and at $10, she says this tank can be a helpful toy whose -- to children whose parents are in the military. >> what have mom and dad done? what have they gone through? what is it like to be out in their shoes and away from home? it connects the kids to their parents. >> and one more tip, one family member by the more expensive item, like this truck at $20, and have other family members by related to wait like this action figure, starting as low as $4.90. >> if you would like to see the doors that made the parents' foundation awards this year, go to and click on open " consumer."
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>> there a couple of things you should review this month. to make sure you knew all of the tax credits were available for, including automobile, state and local tax credits as well as an aging star appliances. and wait to take gains until after january 2010. however, if you were unemployed for most of 2009 and had little income, you may qualify for a tax break on capital gains. >> for more tax tips, go to com and click on -- go to our website and click on the "project economy." outside conditions are expected to get messy with rain and possibly some sleep. see where the white weather is and when it is not -- where the wet weather is headed your way
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>> city financial is helping baltimore's less fortunate. the donated to our daily bread center. it includes hot meals and educational and employment services. the holiday drive at morgan state is going on until 8:00 p.m. tonight. >> the annual community cares holiday food, clothing, and toy
5:57 pm
drive. here, they're collecting clothing, new and unwrapped toys, and nonperishable food items. it is to benefit three local organizations. >> we wanted to do something where we could help out a bunch of people, as many as possible. >> although nations will benefit turnaround, a women's shelter, the hospital at sinai, and the baltimore rescue mission. >> we have seen a lot of people that really need things. we have had a lot of people reach out to us as well. >> the house them, get them a hot meal, give them showers monday, wednesday, and friday and a full plate -- change of clothing. >> every little bit helps. >> this is the time of year. extent -- the time of year where we extend hopefully happy christmas.
5:58 pm
>> if you are not able to donate tonight, there is still a way to help. go to our website to find out. >> that is all for us at 5:00 p.m.. if you would like to see this again, we will rebroadcasted at 7:00 p.m. on wbal +. >> heavy rain moving it to the baltimore area. details, straight ahead. >> the h1n1 acvaccine now free o anyone. >> plus, a plea deal in the rape of a 7-year-old raszewski -- crofton girl. details coming up. >> good evening, we begin with an insta-weather plus other. there's a flood watch beginning late tonight and into the morning. >> and some places could see snow tonight.
5:59 pm
>> it is a powerful storm that will bring us some heavy downpours are on the baltimore area, but as you travel to the west and north, especially at the mounds, that is where some icy conditions could develop. will monitor up near the pennsylvania line. they look like they will have a chilly rain. a flood watch for the central and eastern parts of the state. it will be a wet one as it moves through. that followed by a blast of cold air and perhaps another wintry like storm coming your way over the weekend. >> you can follow the forecast our interactive radar. it allows you to track the weather to your own street. just go to and click on the "weather." >> health officials say the swine flu vaccine is now available to all maryland residents. a clinic is being held today and tomorrow at the fairgrounds. tomorrow at the fairgrounds.


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